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CYLA is seeking board members!

CYLA is seeking board members for the 2021-2022 year!

Current openings:

  • Treasurer
  • Webmaster/marketing/communications
  • Field manager
  • At Large

*If there is interest in other positions not listed please inquire*


Role of the Board

The primary responsibilities of the board of directors (“the Board”) of the Coventry Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA) is to promote the best interest of the club and its membership by overseeing the management of the CYLA’s business and affairs.  The Board is made up of 100% volunteers. The Board’s general oversight responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the conduct of CYLA business.
  • Reviewing and approving CYLAs fundamental operating, financial and other plans, strategies and objectives and monitoring performance related thereto.
  • Approving policies of CYLA conduct, including policies regarding compliance with applicable laws and regulations, maintenance of accounting, financial and other controls.
  • Assessing CYLAs material risks.
  • Evaluating periodically the overall effectiveness of the Board.
  • Performing other responsibilities specifically prescribed by applicable laws and regulations.
  • Monthly meetings starting in August/September until June.
  • At least a 2 year commitment to the role. 


Individual/Committee Roles and Responsibilities

To carry-out the foregoing, each Director is assigned responsibility for certain defined elements of CYLAs operation as more fully described below.  Such responsibilities are not intended to be exhaustive, but define areas of operation in which the Director will hold leadership accountability and provide direction or support, whether alone or through the actions of a committee established to carry-out such purposes, or following consultation with the Board and other Directors.



The President of CYLA directs the overall management of CYLA, and serves as the principal liaison between the Members and Board and serves as the principal liaison on community and membership outreach matters.  Specific responsibilities may include, without limitation:

  • Member Communications on Governance Matters
  • Board Meetings and Agendas
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting


Vice President

The Vice President of the Club assists the President in directing the overall management of the Club, and serves as the principal coordinator of coaching matters.  Specific responsibilities may include, without limitation:

  • Work collaboratively with other board members  
  • Member Outreach
  • Fundraising for Club 



The Treasurer of CYLA is responsible for managing the finances for CYLA.  Specific responsibilities may include, without limitation:

  • Management of Financial Accounts
  • Check writing
  • Deposits
  • Budget Planning


Boys and Girls AD

The boys and girls AD direct the overall management of each individual program.  Specific responsibilities may include, without limitation:

  • Coordinating coaching staff
  • Communication to player members and guardians 
  • Managing player registration numbers and player rosters 
  • Practice times and location organization
  • Uniform coordination
  • Coordination with respective leagues
  • Attendance at respective league meetings



The Secretary of CYLA is responsible for the administration functions and as necessary to support CYLA operations. Specific responsibilities may include, without limitation:

  • CYLA Mailbox
  • Arranging Access to Facilities for Club Events
  • Apparel


Web Master/Marketing and Communications

The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for directing the Clubs marketing efforts and communications outside of the organization.  Specific responsibilities may include, without limitation:

  • Branding and marketing activities for the Club
  • Logo maintenance and brand promotion
  • Maintaining CYLAs social media branding
  • Communications with the press and media
  • Coordinating registration activities
  • Managing CYLAs website, including any necessary updates or changes
  • Managing CYLAs email account
  • Interacting with League Athletics


Field Manager

The field manager position is responsible for keeping the fields lined and ready for practices and games.  Specific responsibilities may include, without limitation: 

  • Monitor goal cages for maintenance 
  • Line fields at least once per week
  • Check fields after severe weather  


At Large (could be two positions)

The At Large position is an unspecified board position that is crucial in breaking ties on board votes, add support to other board positions, etc. 


by posted 05/17/2021