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CYLA Spring Season 2022 FAQ


Q: When does registration close? 

A: CYLA registration will close on 2/20/22  


Q: Will you accept late registrations?

A: Late registrations will be accepted based on the number of players already registered for that specific age group.  We do our best to accept as many players as possible but we need to keep team sizes in mind for the safety of our players and coaches.  


Q: When does the season begin?

A: The season begins around mid-March depending on the age level of your player.  ¾, 5/6, and 7/8 boys and girls begin practices sooner.  When possible we offer indoor practices to start.  Our K/2 boys and girls will begin at the beginning of April. 


Q: When does the season conclude?  

A: Our last scheduled games are the week of 5/23 with the exception of 5/6 and 7/8 boys due to playoffs for Chester County in June. 


Q: When and how often are the games?

A: Girls ¾ and older : All girls games are held on Saturdays typically between the hours of 9-2pm.  There are at least 8 weeks of games starting at the end of March.  Boys ¾ and older: Games are scheduled on Saturdays and some weeknight.  K-2 level:  Games will be held on Saturdays.  There are about 5 weeks of games scheduled starting in mid-April. 


Q: Will I have to travel for games?

A: Yes, we have games at our home fields (Connie Batdorf and OJR facilities) as well as away games at clubs within Chester and Montgomery counties.  


Q: When are practices during the season? 

 A: Practices are on the weeknights on varying days for our different age levels.  Typically practice is 2x per week for an hour and a half depending on the age level of your player. These practices are at local elementary school fields and OJR facilities 


Q: What equipment do I need?  

A: Girls: stick, goggles, and a mouth guard

A: Boys: stick, helmet, chest pads, elbow pads, and gloves *we also recommend cleats for both boys and girls.  Boys can wear football cleats at the youth level until they grow into lacrosse cleats